Join the NXP USB-to-serial application webinar on January 17th!

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USB-to-serial  applications has been traditionally supported by 8-bit microcontrollers  but with the Cortex-M0 USB LPC11U00 microcontroller series, customers  can expect much more performance and better code density while  maintaining lower power at a much lower cost. NXP delivers all the key  ingredients that embedded engineers need for successful USB application  development USB drivers (HID, MSD, CDC) in ROM, free Product IDs and  easy-to-use tools all at a low cost.
[COLOR=Red]This  webinar will focus on the "USB-to-serial" application[/COLOR] and discuss the  advantages of switching from traditional 8-bit to a 32-bit NXP LPC11U24  microcontroller, including the steps designers need to take to see the  resulting benefits of reduced cost, lower power, enhanced performance,  and faster time-to-market.

See: http://now.eloqua.com/es.asp?s=896&e=61494&elq=7d7b6ecaf6f64b68ad99bb1f34a7a915