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Driver board of MTRCKTSBNG128 Development kit

Question asked by john Chen on May 17, 2016
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We use MTRCKTSBNG128 Development kit for BLDC motor control.

3-Phase Sensorless BLDC Development Kit|NXP


MTRCKTSBNG128 is designed for small motor application.  We are trying to use the dev kit to drive a bigger motor.  So we use 6 large power MOSFETs externally to replace the original small MOSFETs on driver board of MTRCKTSBNG128.  The larger power MOSFET part number is  IPB180N10S4-02 from Infineon.  Do I need to change any drive circuit of drive board with drive IC MC33397A after we replace the MOSFETs?  or Is that okay to just replace MOSFETs without changing MOSFETs gate resistors?  See datasheet below.


IPB180N10S4-02 MOSFET is from Infineon, its gate charge total Qg is 156 nC typical, 200 nC max.  I think MC33397A can drive MOSFET up to Qg max 300 nC, see datasheet below.


So far we did use IPB180N10S4-02 MOSFETs as external power board to replace original MOSFEts on Driver board, we didn't change any gate resistor circuits between drive IC and MOSFET gate,  but MOSFET driver IC MC33397A failed.  the failure mode was driver IC MC33397A ran hot and blowed MOSFETs. 


I appreciate your help to define the problem and cause.   Any suggestions?


Thank you so much in advance