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N25Q256 Flash Programmer

Question asked by Jason Hendrix on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by Adrian Stoica

We are building a custom board with an LS1020a processor and an attached N25Q256 QSPI flash.  The target tasks/flash programmer interface shows the N25Q128 (which I have used on the TWR dev board) and the N25Q512.  I found this document on how to add a flash chip to CW 10: Adding a new Flash Device to Codewarrior 10.x


When I navigate to the xml files described in that doc, I see that for algorithm, the N25Q128 uses N25Q128_QSPI.elf.  Can I use this .elf as well for the N25Q256?  I would provide a new xml file and modify the manifest as described in DOC_94792.

Interestingly, the N25Q512 xml file calls out N25Q512_QSPI.elf as it's algorithm, but no such file was installed in my CW installation.