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Problem while debugging RAM based u-boot image on P1022 based custome board

Question asked by Senthilkumar R on Mar 23, 2016



We are using SDK version 1.6, codewarrior 10.4 and uSB tap to bringup our P1022 processor based custom board.


Through codewarrior, uboot elf file is successfully copied to DDR location 0x11000000 and while trying to execute from _start address 0x11001000 we are getting exception in fdt_fixup_phy_connection() function of fdt.c file.


I had attached the init script file used to initialize the core before downloading the u-boot image.


Please let us any correction needs to be done either in this init script file or in the u-boot source to successfully boot the u-boot image from RAM through codewarrior.

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