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[FRDM-KL46Z]Cannot set up proper I2C connection to MAG3110, really need help.

Question asked by Ningzhe Jiang on Mar 17, 2016

Hello all, I am trying to implement a E-compass using the magnetometer(MAG3110) attached on KL46Z. I found a piece of example code and tried to reproduce the same function from it. However, my code doesn't work. It seems that I fail to set up a proper I2C connection to MAG3110. I can write to I2C0->D, but it seems that the data doesn't go through. And when I read from I2C0->D, the only value I can get is 0x1c which is actually (0x0e << 1 | 0) (I2C address of MAG3110 or'ed with write bit). I am afraid there is no connection between the micro and MAG3110 at all.

I am also confused if I need to use the I2C interrupt(the example code doesn't).  I tried to disable the interrupt, but then my program got stuck in "startup_MKL46Z4.S" which probably because it could not return from interrupt. The example code clears the interrupt flag in "void I2C_wait()".

The attached file is the functions I use to configure the I2C connection. For simplicity other part of the code is not included.

Could anyone diagnose the problems for me?  Much thank!

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