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Change keymap for an azerty USB keyboard

Question asked by Mathias Parnaudeau on Jan 27, 2016
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I plugged an USB keyboard into the T1040RDB in order to use it standalone. I use a french (azerty) keyboard but by default, that works in qwerty.

Under Linux, I see no settings indicating the used keymap or locale.


I tried to use the command loadkeys but can't find keymaps files in the system (I looked at severa locations). So I imported some from my workstation but even if loadkeys returns successfully, I see no change when typing on the keyboard.


How can I add / change a working keymap? Is it possible to configure that once, to get the support of this azerty keyboard each time Linux is booted?

Is there an option to choose in Yocto? I checked and I already have recipes like kbd, keymap, ...