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Flash programming issue using K22F at Fcore=120MHz

Question asked by Maurice LAUZE on Oct 12, 2015

Hello everyone,



I am facing an issue when I want to erase or program a flash sector when core frequency is 120MHz on a K22FN512 device, present on a FRDM_K22F board.

I am using KDS_3.0.0, KSDK_1.2.0, C90TFS flash driver and a FRDM_K22F board.

If the core clock is set to 60MHz (flash clock = 24MHz) everything works fine.

But if core clock is set to 120MHz (flash clock = 20MHz), the FlashCommandSequence() function returns with an error code = 0x20 (FTFx_SSD_FSTAT_ACCERR).

I suspect a timing issue but I didn't found anything in the K22F errata document.

I have tried to fing a workaround without success (modifying CCIF loop test).

I even tried to lower core clock during runtime using CLOCK_SYS_UpdateConfiguration() without any success on that flash programming issue.

Of course, I need to have the K22F running at 120MHz due to performance constraints...


Please find attached a little demo program in order to demonstrate this issue.


Is anybody can help ?


Thank you

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