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Question asked by Zz Zimmerman on Sep 8, 2015
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I have been working on getting Example 7.1.5 from this document:  working on our MK02.


I have the PIT configured and working, but whenever I try to reference the DMA MUX registers for either read or write operations, I get a hard fault. The register I'm trying to access is DMAMUX_CHCFG0 at address 0x40021000.


Reading section 21.3 of this manual:  says that the address is at the location I'm trying to access. I'm a little confused why even trying to access the location causes a hard fault.  In any case, I'm wondering if you could ask around and find out if anyone has this sample running on the MK02. I want to do exactly what the sample does which is read the ADC at a particular frequency and DMA the results to a block of memory.


The code I'm using is literally as simple as:

     uint8_t test = DMAMUX_CHCFG0;

    LOG_DEBUG1("DMAMUX_CHCFG0: %x\n", test);


I've also looked at the definitions from the mac7100.h file used by Keil. That defines the config register as DMAMUX_CHCONFIG0 at address 0xFC084000. This doesn't match the hardware docs I have so I assume it is referencing a different chip. Just for fun I tried accessing the register but got the same result.


Anyway, thanks in advance for any clues you can provide.