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Enabling VPU unit for imx6 processors

Question asked by Mihaita Ivascu on Aug 10, 2015
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     I know there a lot of discussions related to VPU for imx6 on the forum but it seems none answers my question entirely as I don't have past experience with video processing.

     I have a task to estimate the effort of enabling VPU support for imx6 processors. I saw the VPU application guide from Freescale

and identified the API for VPU there.

     In the kernel tree it seems that VPU and IPU are used interchangeabily. Is VPU the same as IPU and GPU ?

     Also , I saw on the forum that a specific SDK needs to be used in order to develop code for VPU.

     But first of all I would like to know if enabling IPU support in kernel means the same thing as enabling VPU ?


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