Q&A: MX6 VPU H.264 Dual Stream Encode Limits

Document created by Yixing Kong Employee on Sep 8, 2013
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Is it true ture that MX6 VPU is capable of encoding dual H.264 streams that are 1024x600 at 60fps?  There are slides that claim three 720p30 streams or two 1080p30 streams simultaneously. There is little guidance as to what the VPU limits in resolution, frame rate and bit rate are for other resoluitons and frame rates.


Is there any information that can be used to decide if  the VPU can encode an arbitrary video stream or multiple arbitrary video streams?  Since memory bandwidth will enter into this decision at some point has anyone quantified the memory bandwidth requirements verses video resolution and frame rate?


Maximum supported trhoughput,  is 72,576,000 pixels /s @ VPU frecuency of 266 mhz

2 x  1024 x 600 x 60hz = 73,728,000

So this is not supported.

If framerate is lower i.e.  30hz  then it will be supported.

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