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Changing the internal connectivity of RB signals

Question asked by Christian Sielaff on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by Christian Sielaff

Hi all,


Is there the posibility to adjust the internal connection of the RB signals?


This question comes up because we want to use the CS[6] of the IFC in GASIC mode which requires an and ready indication. For  this ready indication RB[3] is used for 25-bit addressing. But even the RB[3] is multiplext with IFC_CS[5] ... to make now this RB[3] available over the RCW we lose the IFC_C[4] - IFC_CS[6] .... mhhhhh this is realy confusing!


So is there a way to set the internal connectivity of the RB signals like it is assigned for 28-bit addressing where nearly all RB signal are muxed on RB[0] exept RB[1]?


We realy appreciate your response.


Best regards and thank you in advance,