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Problem with the change frequency of the horizontal sync HorizSync Android IMX

Question asked by Andrey Lipov on Jun 29, 2015



I have Imx6Q with android 4.2

I am trying to connect a non-standard display with a resolution of 640 by 240.

Connect it by LCD TTL.


Horizontal Sync of my monitor is 15.38 kilohertz.

All modes are registered in modedb.c start from 31.5 kHz.

I know that Linux have /etc/X11/xorg.conf where you can set the range from where to where.

Where to change the Horizontal Sync on Android?


I tried to create a new driver in the video / mxc / and write it in mxc_lcdif.c, after starting the FB the resolution changes but the Horizontal Sync remains the same or even displays nonsense


I would be grateful for any help and tips.