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Failed to read s-file issue.

Question asked by Matthew Harper on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2015 by pgo

I been using the USBDM Flash Programmer utility.  Which I like very much*


I have problem that when we convert our firmware bin files to s19 files we get an error.


We;re using the bin2srec.exe utility from here.


What I found was when it converts the bin file it adds a type S5 record to the end of the s19 file. And the flash programmer utility barfs on it.


I think the all S5 (and S6) records do is indicate the number of lines in the file. So they probably should be detected and ignored.


PS: I'm planning on creating a USBDM programmer based on the K20 (same as the freedom board) but that fits in a small off the shelf case.

And hopefully put the design on github as an open source project.