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KBOOT V1.1.0 Loader - Help - it is just too slow to be useful!!!

Question asked by Mark Butcher on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by Mark Butcher

Hi All


I have noted the problem with the USB HID connecting of the latest KBOOT "KinetisUpdater.exe" in a few posts but this hasn't woken any interested so, in partial desparation and not really wanting to file a service request, I am starting a discussion about it.



- The upload time for a large 1M program (for example on a K64) using USB-MSD loading is about 4s.

- The same upload time for the same program using KBOOT USB is about 1 hour (around 1'000 times longer)


Of course not all programs are that large but after testing various quite small programs uploads of around 25k and having to still wait 1.5..2 minute each time it is proving to be beyond a joke. Using the simple and slow UART connection is so much faster.


Is this a problem with running on Windows 8.1? Or is a problem with the program's design? Was the slowness not noticed during release testing (alhough I noted that the reference appliations are all about 2k in size but the fact that they don't program in a fraction of a second should have set alarm bells ringing)?


Thanks in advance.