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mpc8271 startup problem

Question asked by Carl Blake on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2014 by Carl Blake

I'm having an intermittent startup problem with the mpc8271.  When the system is cold I sometimes encounter a problem where the mpc8271 does its normal reset flow (per 5.1.2 in the reference manual), but once it completes and deactivates the hreset and sreset no further assertions of cs0 occur.  I'm very puzzled why this would be happening.  I'm wondering if there's a problem with the main PLL not locking, but I have no evidence to support this speculation.  Does anyone have any ideas what the solution to this would be?  Further details:


Part number is MPC8271VRMIBA 266/200/66 MHZ

I've confirmed the external clock is 66 MHZ

MODCK1, MODCK2, and MODCK3 are all pulled high

HCRW is 0x08864240