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Question asked by Pankaj Rana on Aug 9, 2014
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I would like to inquire on the possibility of LVDS to HDMI conversion. OK, I'll go into the details.


For one existing board - i.Mx6 Quad , supports one HDMI, but as per requirement, an additional HDMI monitor needs to be supported. For this we have thought of LVDS to HDMI conversion.


Current Approach:


LVDS Connector output2nd HDMI connector i/p
LVDS_TX0 +/-HDMI_D0 +/-
LVDS_TX1 +/-HDMI_D0 +/-
LVDS_TX2 +/-HDMI_D0 +/-
LVDS_clk +/-HDMI_clk +/-


Remaining signals (I2C, etc) are taken care of , with similar settings as required for HDMI.

For the current approach we have planned for a customized wiring, and no usage of any converter. So any possible outcome of this experiment ??

Any feedback/reply will be highly appreciated.




-Pankaj Rana