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Flash programming C90LC driver with MPC5633M

Question asked by Luiz Carlos Stevanatto on Mar 12, 2014


I want to store data in flash yet. In another post (Flash2Ram & Ram2Flash @MPC55xx) people told me to use "EEPROM Emulation Software Driver for C90LC Flash Family" 

My Qorivva microprocessor MPC5633M include C90LC feature and I want to use the cited code. For startup I program a starterkit TRK-MPC5634M .

When I look for one demo project I realised there are no specific example with MPC5633M. Then I reuse one of the demos, I changed some register addresses and the size of the flask blocks. But it was not enough to work properly. It fail on initialization and always return 'Cannot perform high voltage operation successfully'.

How do I start up in this micro from one demo code? What did I forgot?

Any suggestions ?


Thank you in advance,




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