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eTPU engine position

Question asked by Luiz Carlos Stevanatto on Feb 28, 2014

Hi, I am using TRK-MPC5634M Kit with CodeWarrior to understand eTPU set2 code for engine control. I am running code based on AN3769. My main routine has tree tasks:

- a crank and cam (tooth generator) in etpu channels 1 and 3 respectively;

- an input engine position driver in etpu channels 0 and 2 respectively;

- a knock window interrupt in etpu channels 31 connected with external led.

On the kit there are one jumpers between 0-1 and 2-3.

The engine position driver works properly when I start, reset or disconnect and reconnect jumpers. The knock task works fine only on start up or reset. Then some problems happen.

If I disconnect crank jumper and reconnect it the engine position driver get sync but knock task does not return immediately. It come back to work wherever it wants. Even thought in the return it marks a wrong angle.I figure out there are some (memory flag) connection missing between input and output etpu channels. But I am not expertise on it.

If I select a CAM_ANGLE_WINDOW_START lower than 360º e.g, 10º and with CAM_ANGLE_WINDOW_WIDTH 60º the position driver get FULL_SYNC and return to HALF_SYNC forever. The CAM_ANGLE_WINDOW_START does not accept to be in the first half cycle. But as I read in AN it is possible. To set CAM_ANGLE_WINDOW_WIDTH > 360º seams a contra sense but it is possible too.

Any suggestions ?



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