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Include binary (.bin) file via LCF, cannot find file (CW10.3, Kinetis, Freescale toolchain)

Question asked by TugboatCaptain on Jun 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by TugboatCaptain

This topic has lots of traffic but no workable solutions that I have found in the forums or help or docs.


In short, the INCLUDE command in the LCF can never find the file no matter where I add the file to the project.


It is simple to repeat, just create a new CW10.3 Kinetis bare board project and add "INCLUDE bootloader.bin" to any section in the lcf. Then add the bootloader.bin file to the project via right click, add files... (file contents does not matter).  On build you get this error:


>Linker command file error at line 24

>File not found: bootloader.bin


I have put the file in nearly every referenced directory of the project and it can never find it.


Any ideas?