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twrk60f120m problem with ser-module

Question asked by Okan ERCAN on Jun 16, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by Cory Frey


   I am newbei with tower modules. I am trying to use RS-485 port of TWR-SER module.

   First I check the which UART module used for RS-485. then realised that same UART5 is used for also OSBDM/Serial Bridge.


For RS485 on TWR-SER --> "ELE_RX" and "ELE_TX" nets "A43" and "A44" pins on elevator connectors.

On TWRK60F120M --> "A43" and "A44" pins are connected to "PTE9" and "PTE8"

on TWRK60F120M --> "PTE9" and "PTE8" nets are also used for OSBDM.


Does it mean I cannot use OSBDM and serial port of TWR-SER module at the same time?