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start kernel error

Question asked by caohaifeng on May 28, 2013




当USB_PWREN变成高电平时,板子的FAULT灯亮起,启动信息请见console information_1。如果在EXT_USB5V上外接5V电源,则该部分启动可以顺利通过。启动信息请见console information.我在定义板中没有启用OTG功能,怎么会影响到USB_H1? 另外,请注意console information中最后出现的错误信息mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card ,怎么解决?



Translation:  For the schematics of USB, please refer to page 7 of mx53QSB-R. The description of the problem is below. The micro-B has been removed from the USB schematics. Rest portion is same. Please refer to the schematics.

When USB_PWREN is high, FAULTlight is on. For boot information please refer to console information_1.If 5V is connected from an external power supply, booting is fine. Please refer to console information for boot information. Why will it impact USB_H1, as OTG has not been enabled? Please note that error message on the bottom of console information "mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card". Is there fix available?

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