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Flash File to Target - Can't expand MQX_ROOT_DIR error

Question asked by video_man on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by video_man

I'm trying to flash a file (previous version compiled file) to a K70 (Tower board) from within CW 10.4. without going through the debugger.


I select Flash File to Target (from popup menu), it automatically provides the Flash Config File (K70FN1M0.xml), I browse to file to flash, and then select Erase and Program.


I receive a Target Task Error dialog box that says


Error executing task K70FN1M0.xml, Wrong expression ${MQX_ROOT_DIR}/lib/(etc)/init_kinetis_tcl; Could not expand variable MQX_ROOT_DIR.


But MQX_ROOT_DIR is already defined in Linked Resources and used for many compiler and linker search paths. And programming through Debug or Run works fine.


What's the problem? Is there somewhere else I need to define MQX_ROOT_DIR?