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mx28 u-boot eth1 problem

Question asked by Chiz Chikwendu on Jan 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2014 by Bogumil P
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I've built a custom iMX28 module board, and want to use u-boot to test all the interfaces. I was able to get everything working with the exception of ETH1 (FEC1 port).

Whenever I ping from the FEC1 port, I don't get a response, and the ETH1 Receive Buffer Descriptor notes a RX CRC error.

I've assigned an ip address to the board, mac adresses to each FEC port. ETH0 works fine, but ETH1 doesn't.


I tried the same u-boot image on the EVK, and both FEC ports work fine. I've poured over the schematics and artwork for my board and I can't seem to find anything wrong.


So I loaded a Linux image on my board. With Linux, I can get both FEC ports working on my board. However, when I use u-boot, FEC1 does not work.


Does anyone have an idea what might be going on, or any suggestions on where to look.

I think the issue has to do with u-boot, and I'm not sure if there are register settings that have to do with timing and synchronization, which are not set up properly. Might explain why I see an Rx CRC error on the Receive buffer Descriptor.


Any help is welcome.