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Analog output and V4L2

Question asked by Timothy Bean on Jan 3, 2013
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I would like to add an analog output to my I.MX6 board. I am a little confused on how this is done in software though. Suppose I use an NTSC encoder like the ADV7343, which has a driver in Linux already, and hook that to the RGB output port. How do I go about configuring that in software. I looked at the source of the driver and it seems to be a V4L2 driver for that device. But, how do I initiate the RGB port to the proper resolutions (704x480) and then *tie* the ADV7343 to that port in the software sense? I mean, is it automatic once I enable to the driver in the kernel, or are there other operations that need to be made for tying these two things together?


I guess I should also specify that I want the user to still be able to use the HDMI port, so it would be selectable on which port they would like to view the video on.





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