Jamie Hall

new to dsp and code warrior, possible memory issues

Discussion created by Jamie Hall on Jun 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2007 by Pascal Irrle
in the project i'm working on (given to me in a heated rush as the original engineer dashed) i have ~ 89K bytes that is being downloaded when i program my dsp 56858 through J-TAG. the code downloads fine, but when the code is accessed, it crashes.  i then take out unneeded peices of my code for certain debugging to drop the download to ~86Kbytes and once again run the code. this time the code runs fine. i am certain that the functions i commented out to reduce the code size are correct. what i think is happening is that the code is stomping on it's self because i'm over the limit. but i was under the impression that i had 128Kbytes...any help on this? i have attached my map file. thanks for any help!!!