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Discussion created by no name on Feb 24, 2007
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I recently worked on a customer project using an Atmel AT91SAMX256.
I'm quite impressed about this MCU because it has none of the inconveniences we have to fight with on S12 derivatives.
There's no paging, a really fast 32-bit ARM7 CPU (that can be used in little- or big endian mode!!). There's no need for an XGATE because of an DMA mechanism that tranfers memory from/to all peripherals, a highly configurable (variable shift register width, automatic delays, etc.) SPI with four chip select lines.
It has integrated USB support, 64K RAM (non-paged!!!), a built-in boot ROM and many more, but all for nearly the same price as an S12XA256!
The only disadvantage is the lower GPIO count.
There might be other disadvantages (e.g. higher current consumption), but until now I'm very surprised about that nice multi-purpose MCU.
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