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RTCS_Create Error

Discussion created by Jeff Ellis on May 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by Milton Sierra

I'm using MQX 3.8, IAR 6.30, and a K60 TWR-K60N512 and TWRSER. I'm trying to run the ipc_udp RTCS example but the call to RTCS_Create returns an error and causes the program to enter the idle task loop rather than start sending messages. Debugging shows that the value of error after the error = RTCS_Create(); call is 4406 (which may be the decimal representation of an error code 0x1136?). I haven't been able to find reference to either error code in the code or documentation.


This is the provided MQX code for cpu1 of the ipc_udp example and hasn't been modified except for updating \config\twrk60n512\user_config.h from #include "small_ram_config.h" to #include "maximum_config.h" since small_ram_config had MQX_USE_IPC defined as 0. I have rebuilt the MQX libraries since modifying user_config.


I don't know why this provided example code isn't working and have been stuck on this for a while now. Has anyone else encountered this or does anyone have any ideas?