imx8mm - GPT clock source

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imx8mm - GPT clock source

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Hi There,

I'm working on a imx8mm evaluation board, running BSP 5.4-zeus, BB_VERSION = "1.44.0", linux kernel 5.4.47.

I'm trying to set clock source to the GPT.

According to "i.MX 8M Mini Applications Processor Reference Manual", page 280, Table 5-1, the maximum clock frequency that can be used is 100MHz.



According to page 3855,, GPT Control Register, the clock source can be determined by setting bits 8-6 during the setup procedure of the GPT. 


By editing the GPT driver, drivers/clocksource/timer-imx-gpt.c I tried all the variants, but the maximum clock frequency I got is 24MHz.


Please help me to configure that clock source to get at least 66MHz.





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Hi Igor,

Thanks for your reply.

It looks like the clock driver, drivers/clk/imx/clk-imx8mm.c, defines the available clock sources for the GPT module in line 301:

301 static const char *imx8mm_gpt1_sels[] = {"osc_24m", "sys_pll2_100m", "sys_pll1_400m", "sys_pll1_40m",
302 "video_pll1_out", "sys_pll1_80m", "audio_pll1_out", "clk_ext1" };

This definition complies perfectly with Table 5-1.

However, the clock source is determined by bits 6-8 in the GPT control register,

How exactly are these 3 bits mapped to the structure imx8mm_gpt1_sels[]?

How can I figure out what is the frequency of "High Frequency Reference Clock (ipg_clk_highfreq)", or "Peripheral Clock (ipg_clk)"?

As I stated, any combination of bits I'm trying yields a maximum frequency of 24MHz. (I'm setting the prescaler to 1).

Can you please direct me how to set sys_pll2_100m as the clock source instead of osc_24m?

Thanks a lot,


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