i.MX8M Mini secure boot Yocto bbappend

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i.MX8M Mini secure boot Yocto bbappend

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I am working on a system based on i.MX8M Mini, Yocto kirkstone, U-Boot v2021.04. It is derived from the imx8mm machine.

I have a complete working system, but I want to enable secure boot for U-Boot etc.

I've been following the instructions in the document doc/imx/habv4/guides/mx8m_secure_boot.txt in the U-Boot v2021.04 source code, but I want to automate the process in Yocto, rather than doing it manually.

In case anyone is interested, I'm sharing what I have done in an imx-boot_%.bbappend file.

As in my other recent question i.MX8M Mini secure boot HAB errors, I was getting HAB errors. Now I think I have resolved the remaining issues, and my U-Boot build is being successfully verified, with my edits to this post.

Note though that I've commented a "hack" that is specific to the imx8mm that I'm using—as noted in the code. This is to work around issues with the way the print_fit_hab.sh calculates the block values, versus the way the build pads the various binary files.

I've tested this with meta-freescale branch kirkstone commit 2e785f257ad98581b684f0e32f6d4bb96faefb10, which in the imx-boot recipe uses imx-mkimage branch lf-5.15.5_1.0.0 commit 22346a32a88aa752d4bad8f2ed1eb641e18849dc.



FILESEXTRAPATHS:prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"

SRC_URI:append = "file://crts file://keys file://csf_fit.txt.template file://csf_spl.txt.template"

# libpcre-native for pcregrep-native
# imx-mkimage for print_fit_hab.sh script -- not needed in DEPENDS because imx-boot includes it directly.
# imx-cst-native for code signing
DEPENDS:append = " libpcre-native imx-cst-native"

do_compile:append () {
    # Extract ATF_LOAD_ADDR from output of mkimage in temp/log.do_compile
    # (Testing has verified the symlink temp/log.do_compile points to the current log file even while do_compile is in-progress)
    ATF_LOAD_ADDR=$(cat "${T}/log.do_compile" | pcregrep -o1 'ATF_LOAD_ADDR=(\w*)')
    bbnote "ATF_LOAD_ADDR: ${ATF_LOAD_ADDR}"
    TEE_LOAD_ADDR=$(cat "${T}/log.do_compile" | pcregrep -o1 'TEE_LOAD_ADDR=(\w*)')
    bbnote "TEE_LOAD_ADDR: ${TEE_LOAD_ADDR}"

    # Extract SPL CSF offset from output of mkimage in temp/log.do_compile
    SPL_CSF_OFFSET=$(cat "${T}/log.do_compile" | pcregrep -o1 '^[[:blank:]]*csf_off[[:blank:]]*(\w*)')

    # Extract FIT CSF offset from output of mkimage in temp/log.do_compile
    FIT_CSF_OFFSET=$(cat "${T}/log.do_compile" | pcregrep -o1 '^[[:blank:]]*sld_csf_off[[:blank:]]*(\w*)')

    # Extract spl hab block values from output of mkimage in temp/log.do_compile
    SPL_HAB_BLOCK=$(cat "${T}/log.do_compile" | pcregrep -o1 '^[[:blank:]]*spl hab block:[[:blank:]]*(.*)$')
    bbnote "spl hab block: ${SPL_HAB_BLOCK}"

    # Extract sld hab block values from output of mkimage in temp/log.do_compile
    SLD_HAB_BLOCK=$(cat "${T}/log.do_compile" | pcregrep -o1 '^[[:blank:]]*sld hab block:[[:blank:]]*(.*)$')
    bbnote "sld hab block: ${SLD_HAB_BLOCK}"

    # Extract more fit address values using print_fit_hab.sh script
    bbnote print_fit_hab.sh
    # Hack for padding of DTB like the iMX8M soc.mak does it (unfortunately soc.mak deletes the padded DTB when it's done).
    # TODO: Clean up this hack.
    scripts/pad_image.sh ${BOOT_STAGING}/u-boot-nodtb.bin ${BOOT_STAGING}/${UBOOT_DTB_NAME}.pad
    if ${DEPLOY_OPTEE}; then
        export BL32=${BOOT_STAGING}/tee.bin
    FIT_HAB=$(VERSION=v1 \
        BL31=${BOOT_STAGING}/bl31.bin \
        BL33=${BOOT_STAGING}/u-boot-nodtb.bin \
        ${S}/iMX8M/print_fit_hab.sh \
        0x60000 ${BOOT_STAGING}/${UBOOT_DTB_NAME}.pad)
    echo "${FIT_HAB}"

    for target in ${IMXBOOT_TARGETS}; do
        # Use code-signing tool to sign the flash.bin
        # First, SPL
        cp ${WORKDIR}/csf_spl.txt.template csf_spl.txt
        echo "    Blocks = ${SPL_HAB_BLOCK} \"${BOOT_CONFIG_MACHINE}-${target}\"" >> csf_spl.txt
        cst -i csf_spl.txt -o csf_spl.bin
        # Second, FIT
        cp ${WORKDIR}/csf_fit.txt.template csf_fit.txt
        echo "    Blocks = \\" >> csf_fit.txt
        LINE_OUT="${SLD_HAB_BLOCK} \"${BOOT_CONFIG_MACHINE}-${target}\""
        while read -r LINE_IN; do
            if [ -n "${LINE_OUT}" ]; then
                echo "        ${LINE_OUT}, \\" >> csf_fit.txt
            if [ -n "${LINE_IN}" ]; then
                LINE_OUT="${LINE_IN} \"${BOOT_CONFIG_MACHINE}-${target}\""
        done <<EOF
        echo "        ${LINE_OUT}" >> csf_fit.txt
        cst -i csf_fit.txt -o csf_fit.bin

        # Insert the signature blocks into the flash.bin
        # First make a copy of the flash.bin
        cp ${BOOT_CONFIG_MACHINE}-${target} ${BOOT_CONFIG_MACHINE}-${target}-signed
        # Insert csf_spl.bin in signed flash.bin at SPL_CSF_OFFSET offset
        SPL_CSF_OFFSET_DEC=$(printf "%d" ${SPL_CSF_OFFSET})
        dd if=csf_spl.bin of=${BOOT_CONFIG_MACHINE}-${target}-signed seek=${SPL_CSF_OFFSET_DEC} bs=1 conv=notrunc
        # Insert csf_fit.bin in signed flash.bin at FIT_CSF_OFFSET offset
        FIT_CSF_OFFSET_DEC=$(printf "%d" ${FIT_CSF_OFFSET})
        dd if=csf_fit.bin of=${BOOT_CONFIG_MACHINE}-${target}-signed seek=${FIT_CSF_OFFSET_DEC} bs=1 conv=notrunc

do_deploy:append () {
    for target in ${IMXBOOT_TARGETS}; do
        install -m 0644 ${S}/${BOOT_CONFIG_MACHINE}-${target}-signed ${DEPLOYDIR}




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @craigmcqueenir 

As far as I know, there is no ready-made solution for building secure boot in Yocto. Apologies for that. 

You can have a try to apply for Prosupport from the link: Professional Engineering Services | NXP Semiconductors

Best regards




Best regards



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