Using iMX287 for the Street Light Control System

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Using iMX287 for the Street Light Control System

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We are using the i.MX287 chip for a street light control system project as this CPU can support industrial temperature operation and with speed up to 454MHz and low-cost. And we already used our MYD-IMX28X development board for evaluation. Share some photos with you.


The board has rich peripherals including 2 x Ethernet, 2 x Serial ports, USB Host/Device, CAN, RS485, TF card slot, LCD, Audio…


The MYC-IMX28X CPU module is compact with integrated i.MX287 CPU, 128MB DDR2, 256MB Nand Flash, 128KB SPI Flash and Ethernet PHY. The CPU module is only USD39/pc for MOQ1pc.


Above image shows the QT interface on the 7” LCD display. The logo can be changed to your own.


You can know more about this product from MYIR’s website:

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