PN7150 libnfc-nci stack compilation failure

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PN7150 libnfc-nci stack compilation failure

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I am trying to compile PN7150 libnfc-nci stack for imxulevk. I followed these steps NFC PN7120 on the i.MX6Q  and PN7150/PN7120 NFC Controller SBC Kit for Arduino on the i.MX6SX  for libnfc-nci stack. First I failed at this step

./configure --enable-pn7150 --host=arm-none-linux --prefix=/opt/poky/1.7/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr --sysconfdir=/home/user/mountpoint/etc

since no arm-none-linux-g++ or arm-none-linux-gcc was found on my system so I changed host to arm-linux-gnueabi and I was able to compile stack successfully. I transferred the .lib folder files to imxul evk. But in imx6ul evk after booting when I try to run "nfcDemo poll" I received the error "-sh: nfcDemoApp: No such file or directory". I had even changed the user rights for nfcDemo file using chmod +x command but it still shows same error. Where I am making mistake?

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