i.MX8QXP/DXP/DX DDR Register Programming Aid (RPA)

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i.MX8QXP/DXP/DX DDR Register Programming Aid (RPA)

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i.MX8QXP/DXP/DX DDR Register Programming Aid (RPA)

Important: If you have any questions or would like to report any issues with the DDR tools or supporting documents please create a support ticket in the i.MX community. Please note that any private messages or direct emails are not monitored and will not receive a response.


This is a detailed programming aid for the registers associated with i.MX 8/8X DDR initialization.  For more details, refer to the i.MX 8/8X main DDR tools page:



To reduce the number of attachments, older RPAs may be found in the attached zip file.

Note: Devices with 17-row addresses (R0-R16) are not supported by this SoC. 

***IMPORTANT: For SCFWv1.7.0 and later, you must use the following RPA versions or later:





Older versions of the RPA are not aligned to SCFWv1.7.0 and later.  If trying to use an older version of an RPA with SCFWv1.7.0, it will cause the SCFW not to boot.  The offending lines in the DCD output are as follows:

For MX8QXP/DualX:

DATA 4 0xff190000 0x00000CC8 /* DRC0 bringup */

If the user wishes to use an older RPA with SCFW 1.7.0 and later (not recommended), then the above lines must be removed from older RPA DCD file outputs.  In addition, wrapping these lines are "#ifndef SCFW_DCD", "#else", and "#endif" preprocessor commands.  These should be removed as well.  For example of MX8QXP:

[remove] #ifndef SCFW_DCD
[remove] -/* For 1200MHz DDR, DRC 600MHz operation */
[remove] DATA 4 0xff190000 0x00000CC8 /* DRC0 bringup */
[remove] #else
<keep code as is>
[remove] #endif

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