i.MX 8 GStreamer User Guide

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i.MX 8 GStreamer User Guide

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i.MX 8 GStreamer User Guide

This document is a user guide for the GStreamer version 1.0 based accelerated solution included in all the i.MX 8 family SoCs supported by NXP BSP L5.4.24_1.1.0.

Some instructions assume a host machine running a Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu, connected to i.MX 8 device. These commands were tested using Ubuntu 18.04 LTD, and while Ubuntu is not required on the host machine, other distributions have not been tested.

These instructions are targeted for use with the following hardware:
• i.MX 8MQ EVK
• i.MX 8MN EVK
• i.MX 8MN EVK
• i.MX 8QXP MEK B0
• i.MX 8QM MEK B0


Release History
v1.0 - Mar 2020 - Initial release.

v2.0 - Sep 2020: Added the following content:
- Mux/Demux Examples
- Audio Examples
- Image Examples
- Transcode Examples
- Streaming Examples
- Multi-Display Examples
- Scaling and Rotation Examples
- Zero-copy Examples
- Debug Examples

. Marco Franchi

. Pedro Jardim

Version history
Last update:
‎09-23-2020 10:33 AM
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