Nvp6324 driver for imx8qm.

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Nvp6324 driver for imx8qm.

Nvp6324 driver for imx8qm.



  • imx8qm mek
  • imx-yocto-L4.14.98_2.0.0_ga

Building Step:

  1. Apply the nvp6324 patches.
    Symbol: IMX8_NVP6324 [=y]
     Type : tristate
     Prompt: IMX8 NVP6324 Driver
     -> Device Drivers
     -> Multimedia support (MEDIA_SUPPORT [=y])
     -> V4L platform devices (V4L_PLATFORM_DRIVERS [=y])
     -> MX8 Video For Linux Video Capture (VIDEO_MX8_CAPTURE [=y])
     (1) -> IMX8 Camera ISI/MIPI Features support 
    select nvp6324 to y in menuconfig(default is 'y')
  3. make Image -j8; make freescale/fsl-imx8qm-mek-nvp6324.dtb, to build kernel and dts, outputs are at 
    copy them to the sd boot partition.

  4. reboot the board, you can test the first camera with command:
    ./mx8_v4l2_cap_drm.out -cam 1 -ow 1280 -oh 720
    mx8_v4l2_cap_drm.out is at /unit_tests/V4L2/mx8_v4l2_cap_drm.out

  5. The corresponding video device should be default to /dev/video0 ~ /dev/video3.

Hi Bert,


    但是使用使用下面的命令,得到的h264 视频数据 p slice   (数据开头应该是是00 00 00 01 41 .......)实际上会在41 前面多出13个数据,例如下面颜色mark 部分。

0 0 0 1 6 1 7 0 0 12 0 0 3 2 4 5 10 41 6d 70 68 69 6f 6e 20 53 65 6d 69 0 

./mxc_v4l2_vpu_enc.out camera --key 0 --device /dev/video1 --size 1280 720 --fmt nv12 --framerate 30 \
encoder --key 1 --source 0 --size 1280 720 --framerate 30 \
encoder --key 2 --source 0 --size 640 360 --framerate 30 \
ofile --key 4 --source 1 --name camera_1.h264 \
ofile --key 5 --source 2 --name camera_2.h264

请教这部分数据是什么? 应该如何把这部分在vpu 压缩过程中去除? 谢谢!

I am not familiar with vpu encoder decoder, would you raise another thread for this issue?
This thread should foccus on nvp6324 linux driver.


Hi Bert:

   About this patch,i have two question:

   1:According to this patch ,can I implement 8 camera input with 2 mipi-csi ?

   2: Can I refer to this patch to configure nvp6324 for imx8mq evk board? 


1. yes, with 2 mipi-csi on imx8qm, 8 cameras are supported.

2. imx8mq capture module is different to imx8qm and this patch won't directly work on imx8mq, I am not familiar with imx8mq.

thanks very much

  At the same time, the imx8mq MIPI-CSI2  virtual channel is not supported in hardware


We may neet to use the Imx8M Mini EVK with NVP6324. I guess you mean the same processor with "imx8mq", right?


Do we really need virtual channel for just one NVP6324 IC? I mean we only want to connect 4 AHD cam to NVP then MIPI CSI2 port of IMX8M mini.

By the way, if you look at the reference manual of IMX8M mini page 4046, there is register to check the virtual ID, so there may a way to connect in your case.



Where do you get the NVP6324?

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