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eIQ Sample Apps - Overview

eIQ Sample Apps - Overview

   The eIQ Sample Apps repository hosts Machine Learning applications demos based on the eIQ ML Software Development Environment. The following examples were tested and used for training purposes. To be understandable each application contains a read-me file allowing the user to get started with the eIQ demos.

   The eIQ samples apps target the latest eIQ release and are split in labs sections. Before starting with the examples, read the introduction part:

  1. Object Recognition using Arm NN

    This section contains samples for running inference and predicting different objects. It also includes an extension that can recognize any given camera input/object.

  2. Handwritten Digit Recognition

    This section focuses on a comparison of inference time between different models for handwritten digits recognition.

  3. Object Recognition using OpenCV DNN

    This section uses OpenCV DNN module for running inference and detecting objects from an image. It also includes an extension that can detect any given camera input/object.

  4. Face Recognition using TensorFlow Lite

    This section uses a model for running inference and recognizing faces.

  5. TensorFlow Lite Quantization

    This tutorial demonstrates how to convert a TensorFlow model to TensorFlow Lite and then apply quantization.

  6. TensorFlow Transfer Learning

    This lab takes a TensorFlow image classification model and re-trains it to categorize images of flowers. 

To deploy the demos from the eIQ Sample Apps repository to an i.MX8 board, please check: Deploying the eIQ Sample Apps to an i.MX8 board 

These labs sections will be updated frequently in order to keep all codes and tutorials up-to-date.

Check also: https://community.nxp.com/community/eiq/blog/2020/06/30/pyeiq-a-python-framework-for-eiq-on-imx-proc... 

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