Issue when using Kinetis Protocol Adapter

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Issue when using Kinetis Protocol Adapter

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I am just trying to display frames using the Kinetis Protocol Analyser Adapter connected to Wireshark.
a) I am able to see my KW24D being connected to the Protocol Analyser Adapter .

b) but I don't see any data inside Wireshark, and I am getting sometimes the following message :
"Kinetis Protocol Analyser Adapter unable to show packets in Wireshark. Visit chapter 5.1 from the Kinetis Protocol Analyser Adapter Quick Start Guide".
I don't see this document, and I don't see how to solve my issue. I have reinstalled twice the software, but it doesn't solve the issue.

Note, that when I use TestTools 12, I am able to see the packets being displayed.

Thanks very much for your help.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Di Piazza Alain,

Have you checked out this post Use KW24D512 as Sniffer in Wireshark?

The document Kinetis Protocol Analyzer Adapter User's Guide.pdf is located in the installation folder (C:\NXP\Kinetis Protocol Analyzer Adapter\). I will ask the development team about the message you are getting because chapter 5.1 doesn’t exist on the User’s guide.

Make sure you are selecting the correct interface in Wireshark that the adapter is using.

Please try reinstalling Wireshark 1.12.7 or newer before installing the adapter.  Follow the steps shown in the user’s guide. If you are still having issues, try disabling your windows firewall.

Let me know your findings.


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