MPXV5004DP to sense Negative pressure

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MPXV5004DP to sense Negative pressure

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I am designing an application, particularly for HVAC, where the need is to measure both Positive (+ve) and Negative (-ve) differential pressures. 

My need is to select a Differential Pressure sensor based on following specs :

1) should be able to run from a 3.3V Supply (single-ended),

2) Should be able to measure Diff. Pressure changes +/- 2 inches Water column (converts to approximately +/- 0.5 kPa).

Based on this, i selected the MPXV5004DP sensor.

In a previous design few years back, i had used the MPXV7002DP for this kind of application, however that was suitable for 5V supply. Due to my present need, i can only find MPXV5004DP. But after seeing the graph in Datasheet, i am a bit confused.

My questions are :

1) Can the MPXV5004DP run at 3.3V supply continously ? (Datasheet says Max Vin = 3.3V, while nominal / typical = 3V).

2) Will the MPXV5004DP measure differential pressures properly, specially the negative pressure (P2 pressure higher than P1 pressure) ? 

3) is there any design example at NXP that could be close to my system specs that i can look at as a reference ?

Thank you for your help.




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Zeeshan,

1. Yes, but I would recommend using the MP3V5004DP. It is trimmed at 3.0V, so it is more accurate at this voltage.

2. No, both the MPXV5004DP and MP3V5004DP are designed to measure a positive pressure only. As you probably know, only the MPXV7000 series is designed to measure a pressure that alternates from positive to negative.

3. I am afraid not.

Best regards,




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