How to force S32DS v3.4 to use different SDK for S32CT

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How to force S32DS v3.4 to use different SDK for S32CT

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Hello community,

Is there any possibility to force S32 configuration tool code generator to use different SDK from different directory?

I want to use a copy of existing SDK for S32K148 v4.0.1 and have it placed next to my project. But main goal is to use that SDK for configuration code generation with S32CT and have all needed directories not dependent on S32DS installation (standalone). Next I want to generate the code with externally (e.g. for CI process), but this is different topic. I've already posted question here: S32CT from command line - NXP Community

I have no problem with extracting proper source files for my project. But when it comes with S32CT (with MEX file) I have no clue how to fix this. All my attempts failed. I have feeling that S32CT setup and configuration too much depends on SDK paths created during installation. Maybe I'm wrong. anyone knows how to do this?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello @pekor ,

While it is possible to add SDKs which were not installed using the standard method, we do not recommend it. It is not a use-case we included in our development plan and we did not test such scenarios.

I have commented separately regarding the command line support on that thread.

Best Regards,