Question on S32G VNP EVB

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Question on S32G VNP EVB

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Hi Guys. 


This is my first experience to NXP solution. Yesterday I got a board "S32G PROCEVB-S"


1. Where can I find a linux kernel for this board?

2. Where can I find a u-boot for this board?

3. How can I make a image for booting? (u-boot) It seems to be built in 64-bit architecture. How arm-trusted F/W, etcs .. are all positioned in SD card?

4. Do I have to use S32 design studio ? 

I am looking for any of comment/advices. Thanks in advance. 



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Please be aware, that all documentation for the product you are asking about is currently under NDA. For this reason, I cannot provide a detailed response to your inquiry in this Forum, sorry. In brief, there is a Linux BSP for the board you have which supports either fully automated building of target binaries for your board, including bootable SD card images, or "manual" building of the desired BSP components.

You should have received a registration card with your board that displays a code to enter on NXP Software and Support Activation page (you should login first).

After that, you will see the links to S32G software tools under Software Accounts in your profile.

To receive more support:

  • Register yourself with your corporate e-Mail address on NXP Website
  • Submit your questions via the tickets system.

Best Regards,



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