HCS12X Flexray Starter Kit - Connecting to Flexcard

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HCS12X Flexray Starter Kit - Connecting to Flexcard

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I am currently using the flexray starter kit based on the MC9S12XDP512 and the 4300 Daughter card. I have Flexray up and running using the application example which came with the kit, and can see the data through the FREEMaster software. I am now trying to use a Flexcard (Cyclone by TZM) and CANalyzer to monitor the traffic on the network. I have already tried to edit the config file using the data in the user guide for the application example, but cannot maintain synchronisation with the flexray network. Has anyone here used CANalyzer to minitor Flexray before? Is there a config file that I could use for this?

I have used CANalyzer to connect to the CAN nodes on the starter kit, and have found that the documented information for the CAN example was incorrect. Its for this reason that I would like to get a config file for CANalyzer that is known to work with the starter kits and Flexray application example. Any help you have on this would be much appreciated

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CAN and FlexRay are different protocols with different physical interfaces, different principles...

I don't believe you can use the CANanalyzer on anything else but CAN network.

To get support on CANanalyzer, you need to contact Vector Informatik.

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Sorry, I may not have been clear in my last post. I am aware that CAN and Flexray are two totally different protocols, and I have the add on to CANalyzer which supports the use of the Flexcard. The Flexcard is connecting to the Flexray network, and I am able to retrieve some of the data from the network, but it looses synchronisation very quickly. What I am looking for is the settings I need to apply to the CANalyser software to let it communicate with the network,  i.e. the configuration settings which freescale have set up the flexray application example with. I have found some of these in the freescale user manual, but there are some which I cant seem to find.

here are the paramaters that need to be filled: (i have values for some of these, but wanted to make sure they are correct, because as I said earlier the CAN application example was not as stated)


Has anybody used CANalyser/Flexcard for Flexray?
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Hi, I am using the CANalyzer with the vector VN3600.

If your have two nodes that talk correctly you can put the CANalyzer in asynchronous mode. On the VN3600 this works has a monitor of the line and finds the configuration information required in order to synchronize with the nodes.

If you use the synchronous mode the vector card has to simulate a node and this is more complicated, you need to use capl and program the card in order to send synchronization frames.

Alternatively you could use the mixed mode...

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