Writing an NDEF record to the NT3H2211 using an Arduino

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Writing an NDEF record to the NT3H2211 using an Arduino

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Hi all

I'm trying to use the NT3H2211 to write a dynamic UUID to the EEPROM of the NT3H2211 using an Arduino so that it can be read over NFC using a smartphone. Somehow whenever I communicate with the NT3H over i2c the NFC stops working. The NTAG i2c Demo reports the memory as "Locked" and TagWriter also returns an error. As soon as I stop communicating over i2c and restart the device I can read the (unchanged) content again.

Is there any documentation or example code that could help me implement my use case? What I want to do is write a simple NDEF record to the NFC chip over I2C using an Arduino. I have already tried using a library like GitHub - ameltech/sme-nt3h1x01-library: Library for SmartEverything NT3H1X01 Near Field Communicatio...  but only the device id reading worked. I had no success writing an NDEF record.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


We do not have an arduino example, nonetheless,s you can use one of available examples with the NXP's  MCUs as a base for your development.

Could you please check this post ? There you will find the instructions of how to get the examples for our SDKs

Hope this helps



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