NFC Antenna Design

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NFC Antenna Design

NFC Antenna Design


I am trying to make one page that contain all the useful information about NFC Antenna Design. I will keep update and add the information to this page when I found something useful.



First of all, there are 6 webinars about NFC Antenna Design. It is a good training before to start your antenna design for NFC.

Training & Events | NXP  (Search "Antenna design")


1_Which Antenna for what purpose.dib

2_Antenna Matching.png

3_Metal environment.png

4_Optimization & Debugging.png

5_Test & Qualification.png

6_EMC related Design.png

Application Notes

AN11740 : PN5180 Antenna design guide

AN11706 : PN7462AU Antenna design guide

AN11019 : CLRC663, MFRC630, MFRC631, SLRC610 Antenna Design Guide

AN11755 : PN7150 Antenna Design and Matching Guide

AN11564 : PN7120 Antenna Design and Matching Guide

AN11741 : How to design an antenna with DPC

AN11535 : Measurement and tuning of a NFC and Reader IC antenna with a MiniVNA


NFC Antenna Design Hub



I tried NFC ntag plus and I downloaded antenna layout for Eagle from here: Please, have you got something like that for Eagle for PN7150/PN7120? 

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,


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