How to only flash code into KL25Z in MCUXpresso?

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How to only flash code into KL25Z in MCUXpresso?

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I'm starting to do some work with the KL25Z development board and using MCUXpresso 10.1 and the OpenSDA from P&E probe. When I use the "debug 'xxxx' [debug]" option from the Quick panel, the program starts to debug as expected, I click the 'resume' button and all works fine, however I wonder if there is any way to only flash the code into the MCU without have to go throughout the 'Debug session'. I just want to flash the code on the MCU and look at it works without have to handle anything else on the IDE.

Thank you for your support.

Greetings from México!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


MCUXpresso IDE integrates GUI Flash Programmer but it only works for NXP LinkServer debug connection (LPC-Link, LPC-Link2, CMSIS-DAP) (e.g. no support for Segger J-Link or P&E Multilink)


another choice is using debugger. see introduction:

NXP doesn't  have standalone GUI programmer SW for Kinetis, but our 3rd party company has. for example PEmicro's PROG for ARM® Cortex™ Processors flash programmer software

PEmicro - P&E Microcomputer Systems: Over 30 years as an Industry leader in Embedded Systems Develop... 

Have a great day,
Jennie Zhang

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Hi ZhangJennie,

I just found this post because I was also wondering how I can only flash some code onto my MCU. I'm using the LPCXpresso55S69-EVK with the LPC-Link2/CMSIS-DAP debug connection and MCUXpresso IDE for Linux. When I click on the "GUI Flash Tool" button, it opens a window where I can set a lot of different preferences. Is there anywhere some explanation on what to set there?

I attached a picture of the window I am talking about.

EDIT: I found your answer to another post saying that the MCUXpresso User Guide describes how to flash with the GUI Flash Tool. I found that but still have a question about the "Connect Script". In the User Guide it says that the connect script is selected automatically. As can be seen on the screenshot this is not the case for me. What is the meaning of the connect script and what should one select?

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