Let´s start with FreeMASTER!

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Let´s start with FreeMASTER!

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Let´s start with FreeMASTER!

What is it FreeMASTER?


FreeMASTER is a tool with variety GUIs in one offered free. FreeMASTER is a user-friendly real-time debug monitor and data visualization tool

GUI can be easily extend by multimedia content (charts) and user-modified content (possible mix user´s data with default values)

offers access to target variables, symbols and data types

access over UART, CAN or USB with target-side driver and over BDM

possibility to direct control via variable modifications

addresses parsed from ELF file or provided by target (TSA)

scope graphs with real-time data in [ms] resolution

recorder visualization transitions close to 10[us] resolution




FreeMASTER features

Real Time Monitor

-Displaying variable values in various formats (Text, Real-Time waveforms, High-speed recorded data)

Control Panel

- Direct variable value settings and variable stimulation, scribtable in JScript or VBScript

Demonstration Platform

- Demostration embedded app by HTML pages, display simultaneous real-time data monitoring

Easy Project Deployment

- Entire project saved to a single file


FreeMASTER communication

There are two types of communication. It is possible to communicate via Direct RS232 or selected Plug-in Module.

In short:

USB – CDC – Kinetis, ColdFire V2


JTAG (56F8xxx only)

BDM – Kinetis, PowerPC, ColdFire, HCS with Segger, P&E Micro, CMSIS-DAP…




FreeMASTER usage

Real-time debugging - FreeMASTER allows users to debug applications in true real-time through its ability to watch variables. Moreover, it allows debugging at the algorithm level, which helps to shorten the development phase

Diagnostic tool - FreeMASTER remote control capability allows it to be used as a diagnostic tool for debugging customer applications remotely across a network

Demonstrations - FreeMASTER is an outstanding tool for demonstrating algorithm or application execution and variable outputs.

Education - FreeMASTER may be used for educational purposes. Its application control features allow students to play with the application in demonstration mode, learning how to control program execution.


FreeMASTER description of the environment



The FreeMASTER window is divided into 4 parts - Project Tree, Detail View Pane, Commands and Variable Watch Grid.

Project Tree is the project, New Block is a root of the project, New Scope is similar to classical Oscilloscope. Scope periodically reads variable values and plots them in real-time. It is limited by the serial communication speed. The recorder is also monitoring and visualising variable values, but the change is much faster. The recorder is running on target board and variable values are sampled into memory buffer on the board and then these sampled data are downloaded from the board to FreeMASTER.


Detail View Area is dynamically changes depending on content which is selected in Project Tree. Detail View Tab can be control page, algorithm block description, scope, recorder or another HTML document whose URL is defined in the Scope or Recorder properties.

Commands window is list of commands to send, Variable Stimulus - is the list of defined variables for the defined time.

In Variable Watch Grid contains the list of watched variables.


Supported devices


FreeMASTER download and support


The installation package you can download from the Official website:


FreeMASTER Official website




You can ask us on Community or you can create new SR according to https://community.freescale.com/docs/DOC-329745



More about FreeMASTER


FreeMASTER Official Website



Using FreeMASTER



FREEMASTER:  Remote Server Tutorial



Tutorial: FreeMASTER Visualization and Run-Time Debugging



Let´s continue with reading! Let´s start with KSDK!

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Excellent :smileywink:

Do you have an example using SDK 2.0 and k64?

I'll be your fan if you do.:smileyhappy:

Best regards


I use  the "Kinetis KM3x_256 MCU Three-Phase Metering Reference Design"  as metering  part of my 3-Ph power protect module.  

Now I need to read out the Freemaster  TSA table from another MCU ( Keaz64) .

Could you  provide any example or document ? 

Is FreeMaster following the XCP protocol? If not, how is it similar or different with XCP?


FreeMASTER uses it is own specific protocol. 

I'd recommend you to check this document for more details:


Hope it helps,


Thanks Stan. Appreciated.


Is there any possibility in freeMaster GUI to save the oscilloscope data and re-load it at a later date? (e.g. offline analysis)

I only find option to export an image file.

Or do I miss something?



Yes, you can save the data captured by oscilloscope/recorder. There is a settings "Data Capture Setup" where you can specify the file the data is saved into:



Hope it helps.


I tried that, but it does not work.

The files are always generated at C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Temp instead of the path provided here.

Am using Windows 10 and and latest version of freeMaster.


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