New Kinetis Design Studio V3.0.0 available

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New Kinetis Design Studio V3.0.0 available

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New Kinetis Design Studio V3.0.0 available


the new Kinetis Design Studio V3.0.0 is available in the download section of the Freescale web:

Kinetis Design Studio is free of charge and unlimited.


What's New

  • New Eclipse Luna 4.4 IDE
  • Added Mac OS X (10.10, "Yosemite") host operating system support with Segger J-Link.
  • Added CMSIS-SVD Peripheral Register viewer.
  • New 'Welcome' view
  • New GNU ARM Embedded (launchpad) toolchain, reducing memory footprint especially for small devices.
  • New upgrade/migration assistant to migrate projects to V3.0.0.
  • Updated and extended Segger and P&E debugging support: attach to running target, semihosting and advanced flash programming features.
  • New Processor Expert V3.0 with multiple repository support and simplified Kinetis SDK usage and ability to generate projects for IAR and Keil.
  • Updated New Project Wizard (NPW) for simpler project creation.
  • Updated GNU ARM Eclipse plugins, multiple tool chain configurations.
  • Aligned and optimized for Kinetis SDK v1.2
  • New Device Support: see attached release notes (Rev 1).


Additional Kinetis SDK Device Support

For full/additional device support:

  1. Download the Kinetis SDK v1.2 from Software Development Kit for Kinetis MCUs|Freescale
  2. Install the Kinetis SDK
  3. Add Kinetis SDK v1.2 to KDS: Use the menu Help > Install New Software and use C:\Freescale\KSDK_1.2.0\tools\eclipse_update\KSDK_1.2.0_Eclipse_Update (KSDK path on windows)


See for additional details, especially about porting KDS v2.0.0 projects to the GNU ARM Embedded (launchpad) tools.


Screenshots of new features


Mac OS X support:



New Workspace Welcome view:



Kinetis SDK selection in New Project Wizard:



Ability to generate Processor Expert (Microcontroller Driver Suite) external projects for IAR and Keil:




Eclipse Luna 4.4, e.g. Split Editor Views:




Processor Expert V3.0 and multiple component repositories:




Upgrade assistant to migrate projects from KDS V1.x/V2.0.0 to V3.0.0:




Multiple tool chain configurations:



Peripheral Register Viewer:



JTAG Daisy Chaining:



Advanced Flash Programming Options:


Attach to running target:



And finally, for the 'lovers of the dark side' :-): Eclipse Luna 'Dark' style:



Enjoy :-)

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Hi Erich,

Is the mac version already available?

In the KDS Download webpage there is no link for mac.



Hi Ali,

I appologize for that, I have realized that too. Working with the web team to get that fixed. Will post a comment here when it is fixed.


Hi Ali,

the web download has been fixed, and the Mac OS X installer is available now.


Thanks Erich!


Hi Erich,

The new KDS seems great so far! In the release notes for accessing the Register View, I think they meant to say:

"Window > Show View > Other > Debug" instead of Help > Show Views ...


Hi Erich

kinetis M not support for kinetis dising 3.0


Hi Andres,

yes, Kinetis M is not supported in KDS, because it is not supported in the Kinetis SDK (yet).


Hi Angus,

thanks for reporting this. This already has been fixed in the Rev1 version of the release notes (attached to this page). The installation comes with Rev0 which indeed has that error in it.


Hi Erich

1. Thanks for the MacOSX version!

2. What about support for Vybrid processors? For the standalone Driver Suite a Vybrid plugin exists, any plans to integrate into the latest KDS/SDK?


hi Erich

then that can be programmed Kinetis M,using process experts


Hi Robert,

there are currently no plans to have Vybrid added to Kinetis Design Studio.


Hi Erich, the Linux version .bin file cannot be installed.

./Kinetis\ Design\ Studio\ installer\ for\ Linux\ 64-bit\ DEB\ 3.0.0.bin

./Kinetis Design Studio installer for Linux 64-bit DEB 3.0.0.bin: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'

./Kinetis Design Studio installer for Linux 64-bit DEB 3.0.0.bin: line 1: `!<arch>'

mv ./Kinetis\ Design\ Studio\ installer\ for\ Linux\ 64-bit\ DEB\ 3.0.0.bin ./Kinetis\ Design\ Studio\ installer\ for\ Linux\ 64-bit\ DEB\ 3.0.0.deb

sudo dpkg -i ./Kinetis\ Design\ Studio\ installer\ for\ Linux\ 64-bit\ DEB\ 3.0.0.deb

Thanks. I wish Freescale had used .deb instead of .bin for Debian file.

Hi, If want to develop a commercial product can I do it with kinetis studio? Do I have to pay if I want to use it for the purpose?


Kinetis Design Studio can be used for commercial purposes, it has not limits except that it can be used for Freescale devices only.

Hi Erich,

My mac version is 10.11.1.

When I open KDS and select a workspace I can't click any buttons. It was stuck.


are using El Capitan? If so, then it could be this problem (with solution):

KDS on OS X El Capitan (Beta)

I hope this helps,


It works. Thanks!

Hi Erich,

Using "Init_GPIO" it is possible to set pull-up or pull-down resistor in KDS V3.0.0?

I found examples using CodeWarrior!



Hi Arnaldo,

yes, this is possible with Processor Expert projects.


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