LS1046A-FRWY won't boot Linux Kernel if CodeWarrior is running

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LS1046A-FRWY won't boot Linux Kernel if CodeWarrior is running

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I'm  using an LS1046A-FRWY board with LSDK 20.04 Yocto 3.1 release (fsl-image-networking image) and CodeWarrior (CW) Version v2020.06.

Without CW running, the Kernel boots fine via TFTP from U-boot. However, if I have the CW debugger running, the boot process hangs after "Starting kernel ..."   This is true even if I delete all breakpoints. 

I followed the instructions posted here:

If I hit suspend while the kernel boot is hung, I see it stopped at __primary_switched @ ffff800011ae0320:   I'm not able to step or resume from here.

I don't see any warnings while invoking the debugger. 




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Bob,

First please compile Linux Kernel with debug info enabled.

Please configure Debugger, Startup and OS Awareness panels according to the section "3. Debug Linux Kernel by Attaching Running U-boot" in

On the target board, after setting up u-boot and entering into u-boot prompt. In CodeWarrior IDE, click “Debug” to connect to the target board to attach to u-boot. then click “Suspend” button in CodeWarrior IDE to stop the running u-boot, and
enter “break _text” in the gdb console to set the breakpoint at the start of Linux Kernel.

In CodeWarrior IDE click resume button, on the target board, type Linux Kernel booting up command.

=> tftp 0xa0000000 b25805/ls1043rdb/kernel-fsl-ls1043a-rdb.itb
=> bootm 0xa0000000

In CodeWarrior IDE, the debugger will stop at the Linux Kernel entry point address.

Click Resume button Linux Kernel will continue to run.







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