pmem RAM variable access for DSP56800E

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pmem RAM variable access for DSP56800E

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Has anyone been successful implementing the "__pmem" type in CW for the 56F8323 etc?
The linker points out that a 16-bit address is inadequate to reach this memory space.  However, selecting "large memory" model causes the linker to flag incompatible MSL C library memory model...
for example, "__pmem unsigned int tbuf[buf_size] ;
and linker command file including:
  * (.bss.pmem)
}  > p.internal_RAM
(I am not using PE)
Any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks for listening
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Contributor I

update from my original post...

I found under "Using MSL for DSP56800E" in online CW help the reference to the "lmm" options of the MSL C and runtime  .lib files.

Now that I have pulled them into the project in the place of the "smm" versions, the linker seems satisfied.

Hope this is helpful to anyone else considering using the __pmem option.


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