Codewarrior sofware information?

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Codewarrior sofware information?

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Dear All,
I am new to codewarrior software package. I would like to learn it using the HCS8, the DSP56XXX and Coldfires from freescale. But, here come my question: Do I need to install three different codewarrior softwares?. I mean, one for the HCS8, other for Coldfire and another for the DSP56XXX?. Or I just need to install One codewarrior software because it includes all these other options?.
Thanks a lot and best regards,
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NXP Employee
NXP Employee
no, you will need to install CodeWarrior for each respective portfolio (DSP, Coldfire or HC08). They share the same IDE/UI. Technically you could install them all into one installation on your machine, but this is not recommended for non-expert users.

While it would be possible to have one installation providing support for DSP + Coldfire + HC08, this has not turned out beeing much practical as the silicon roadmaps are different, and it would increase the installation image size for download. But I'm sure Freescale is thinking about ways to get around this too for the future.

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