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After using CodeWarrior CWS12v5.1 for months to recompile a project, i suddenly get "L4025 - This limited version allows only 32768 bytes of C code". What is more confounding is that the code compiled & linked ok last night - but the <same> code wont link this morning!

I admit I did correct a path problem with the project - the (project) path in the settings seemed to access the project files along a network path rather than directly on this PC. I reset the project path to my project on this PC, removed all object code and recompiled - to be hit with this L4025 message. I have tried to reset the path via the network as it was, but still cant link the code.

My OS is Win 10. The compiler \ linker version of  I am using is:

      HC12 V-5.0.41 Build 10203, Jul 23 2010  

      SmartLinker V-5.0.40 Build 10203, Jul 23 2010

I got these as part of the freely downloadable HC12S legacy support package, which I thought was free of such size limitations - and even if there was a code size limit, it doesnt explain why the same code linked one day and not the next....?

I think its more probable that I have got an identity problem, where the compiler reckons it is licensed on a networked PC and I have somehow tried to run a project as a local PC user...?

Any ideas? Are there any supporting files or logs I can send to help diagnose?

Thanks for your attention....


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi David.

From your description, it seems like you use evaluation edition CW and now it is is expired.

evaluation edition is a kind of free version edition. It is a full function version but it has time limitation. Once the license expires, user can choose to purchase license. Or if you need more time to evaluate the license, you can contact license team with a private case and tell them your reason to request another.


Have a great day,
Jennie Zhang

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