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PWM Timing and Signal Generation on MKV4xx microprocessors

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Hi Marius-lucian Andrei,


this really helps ! Thank you so much so far !


Now I have one question to the timing in the Reference Manual.

In my opinion one PWM period is from INIT to VAL1.

This would mean that with a duty cycle of 50 percent the on time starts at INIT and ends at VAL0 ? 

So for starting the adc conversation at each on time from the PWM I have to set VAL1 ?


Or at which VAL starts the duty cyle ? I think testing this should be possible with the example "kv4xf_eflexpwm_isr" ?


So the PWM_A and PWM_B above are only the timers and not the configured output pins in the block you can see in the picture blow. Is that correct so far ?